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R & D Division is equipped with state of art test facilities for evaluating electric drive train components i.e. motor, controller, battery and charger.
R&D Infrastructure
  • Mechanical design software solid edge, for 2D and 3D modeling of electric vehicles.
  • Motor Testing Dynamometer for testing electric vehicles Motors & Controllers.
  • Customized Test Jigs for testing electric accessories, underwater testing of motor.
  • Bump Testing Machine for evaluating strength and fatigue life of the frame and all other metal parts.
  • Chassis Dynamometer for evaluating 100% overall performance of the vehicles during Final Inspection.
  • High Quality Standard Room Set-Up for New Development & Reverse Engineering of Electric Vehicle Components
  • Salt Spray Machine (NSS & CASS) to check corrosion resistance life of Paint/Powder Coating & Plated (Zinc & Chrome) of all metal parts (Ferrous and Non-ferrous).
Salt Spray Machine
  • Universal Testing Machine (U.T.M.) for evaluating Mechanical Properties (Tensile Strength, Yield Strength & Elongation etc).
Universal Testing Machine
  • Hardness Testing Machine (Rockwell & Brinell) for measurement of Hardness for Alloy Metal Parts & Special Fasteners (6, 8.8 & 10.9 Grade)
Hardness Testing Machine
Activities Performing by R & D Team
  • Conducting continuous road tests under different road conditions all across the country  for all the e bike models prior launching.
  • Developing and evaluating brushless DC Hub motors, which fit right to Indian road conditions.
  • Constant improvements in evaluation procedures of drive train components and developing customized test jig for the same.
  • Developing High speed vehicle.
  • Developing electric bicycle and auto rickshaw.
  • Developing controller with added features enabling more user friendly.
  • Developing high performance batteries for all types of electric vehicles.
  • Developing high performance battery charger.
  • Life cycle testing of evaluation of batteries to ensure better life.
  • 100% battery testing & matching and grouping for better performance. In our e- bike there are 4 batteries series to create 48 V battery systems. It is important that the capacity of all the batteries should match. If the capacity mismatch there is a chance of early failure/ lower mileage.
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