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Lectrix is proud to present electric two wheelers in India. We wanted to give the country something that is not just eco- friendly, but pocket friendly too.

Lectrix is battery operated vehicles having rear wheel hub motor which powers the vehicles. This eliminates transmission losses providing efficiency and energy saving.

Absence of clutch, chain, gears and other conventional mechanical parts leads to greatly reduced maintenance. The batteries are also sealed and require zero maintenance.

We are focused to bring quality vehicles suiting Indian road conditions. We have in-house R & D centre with state of art test facilities for understanding and developing Electric Vehicles Drive train for suiting the customer needs.

Lectrix is well poised with some inherent advantages working for it. Competencies available within the group companies in the area of battery and power electronics technology would be leveraged adequately to differentiate Lectrix products from the competition. Competencies available presently, on the Drive Train are much beyond what the present competitors would be able to deliver in the near future, considering their present infrastructure and talent pool.

The existing model has the maximum speed of 25KMph, therefore the driver do not require any license for driving the same. Moreover there is no requirement of Registration and Road tax, as electric vehicles are exempted from CMVR (Central Motor Vehicles Rules) regulations.

Our corporate social responsibility is to make India a pollution free, a clean and green safe environment. We should add value to India and the people around us .


Best Wishes

M L Malhotra
SAR Group

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