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  Warranty Limitations
  A.Warranty Policy
  Lectrix Motors Pvt. Limited. warrants all its products distributed in India and sold through its authorized dealers to be free from any manufacturing defect both in material and workmanship under normal use and conditions as prescribed in the owners manual subject to the following terms and conditions.
  • The vehicle must be sold and serviced by an authorized Lectrix dealer.
  • Warranty registration card of each vehicle must be completed by dealer at the time of delivery of the vehicles and dealer should retain a counter foil of the same.
  • The term of warranty shall be 1 year from the date of delivery of the bike to the first owner on all components excluding the batteries and different parts like all rubber parts (tyre, tube, foot-mat etc.), electrical parts (bulbs, LEDs, speedometer, gauges, fuse, cable, brake cable, connectors, switches, flasher etc.), body panels, all plastic parts (PP & ABS painted), brakes shoe, reflector, horn, buzzer, MCB, bearings, mobile charging socket, rear view mirror, fasteners etc.
  • The batteries are covered under warranty for a period of 6 months.
  • If any defect is observed in Lectrix vehicle due to faulty parts and components within the stipulated time period, obligation on Lectrix is only to repair or replace at its sole discretion, with a new or equivalent part at no extra cost to the owner for parts or labour, when Lectrix acknowledges such a faulty parts is due to faulty material or workmanship at the time of manufacturing. The owner is responsible for any repair or replacement of parts which are not covered by the warranty.
  B. Warranty does not apply to :
  • Second owner of the vehicle.
  • Normal maintenance service required after some time period other than the free service including without limitations, fasteners tightening, wheel balancing, wheel alignment, brake adjustment etc.
  • Replacement of normal wear parts like all rubber parts (tyre, tube, foot-mat etc.), electrical parts (bulbs, LEDs, speedometer, gauges, fuse, cable, brake cable, connectors, switches, flasher etc.), body panels, all plastic parts (PP & ABS painted), brakes shoe, reflector, horn, buzzer, MCB, bearings, mobile charging socket, rear view mirror, fasteners etc.
  • Any vehicle used in competition and racing, hiring or other purpose than what it was designed for.
  • Any repair or replacement required due to accident/collision.
  • Any defect caused by misuse, negligence or abnormal use.
  • Any defect which does not affect the normal functioning of the vehicle i.e. sound, vibration, etc.
  • Any bike which has been modified aesthetically.
    Modifications: It is mandatory not to remove any original equipment or modify your e-bike in anyway that would change it's design or operation. Such changes could seriously impair your e-bike's handling, stability and braking, making it unsafe to ride. Removing or modifying your lights or other equipment can also make your e-bike illegal.
  • Any vehicle in which the parts/accessories not approved by Lectrix is used.
    Accessories: It is mandatory to use only genuine Lectrix accessories that have been specifically designed and tested for your e-bike. Otherwise you will be personally responsible for any malfunctioning of the e-bike. Always follow the below mentioned guidelines.. Make sure the accessory does not obscure any lights, reduce ground clearance, limit steering travel and alter your riding position.. Be sure electrical equipment does not exceed the e-bike's electrical capacity, which can damage electronic systems, lights and other crucial parts.
  • Any vehicle which was not used as per the owners manual norms & instructions.
  • Any vehicle which was not serviced periodically as prescribed in the owners manual during the tenure of warranty.
  • Any bike which has been repaired assembled or adjusted by a dealer which was not authorized by Lectrix.
  • Any damage/deterioration caused to the vehicle by atmospheric condition, industrial pollution and natural calamities.
  • Any personal injury or damages of any type to the rider or any other person due to malfunctioning / failure of any part of the vehicle.
  • Battery warranty is not applicable if the battery is not recharged properly on a regular basis, battery is kept in the discharged condition for a prolonged period of time, abused / short circuited, storage handling damages (pl. refer 'standard test conditions' ,'How to charge your battery' and 'Tips for battery usage.')
  • Vehicles on which chassis number/motor number etc. is deleted or altered.
    WARNING: Improper accessories or modifications can cause a crash and you can be seriously hurt. Follow all instructions in owner's manual regarding accessories and modifications.
  C. Warranty on Proprietary items (Indian Origin)
  Tyre ( Front , Rear ), Tube, Batteries, Charger, Controller, Converter and other such components the warranty should be directly claimed with the respective manufacturer. Lectrix Motors Pvt. Limited shall not be liable in any manner to get the replacement from the respective manufacturer / dealers. However Lectrix Motors Pvt. Limited will give full assistance in settling such claims. The decision of the manufacturer will be final in accepting the claim.
  D. Warranty Service & Owner’s Responsibility:
  • To avail warranty service, the complete vehicle must be presented to any authorized Lectrix dealer at the owner's expense.
  • The owner must ensure the warranty registration/pre delivery inspection (PDI) card is completed before delivery.
  • The service record in the manual is properly updated by the authorized dealer
  • The owner have performed all the service inspections specified in the Lectrix owner manual at his own expenses other than the free service inspections and maintain adequate proof that service is completed.
  • Present the owners manual to the authorized Lectrix dealer when ever requiring the warranty service.
    Lectrix motors reserves the right to alter the design, add new improved features to the vehicle at any time without incurring any obligation to install the same on vehicle previously supplied. Also the warranty conditions are subject to alteration without any notice.
    No other person including dealer or his agents and any employee of the company are authorized to extend or enlarge this warranty other than whatever is specified in the owners manual which is to be considered as the written warranty by Lectrix motor.
    This warranty is given in lieu of and excludes every conditions or warranty whether statutory or otherwise not herein expressly set out.
    Lectrix's decision on all warranty claims will be final and binding.
  E. Warranty Application
  • Warranty service facilities can be availed by the customer in any of the authorized Lectrix Motors dealership/ Service center, anywhere in India. The dealer would give warranty to all Lectrix Motors products, even incase purchased from any other dealership subject to verification of purchase details of the bike and previous service record from original selling dealer or service department of Lectrix Motors Pvt. Limited, Delhi.
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