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Handle bar: Move the handle bar up, down, forward, backward, left and right to check for any kind of looseness / tightness. Contact an authorised service center, in case of any defect.

Brake Light: Turn on the main switch and execute the front and rear brakes. Check for the brake light to be ON and contact the service center immediately if found malfunctioning, as this could seriously damage the motor and rear wheel assembly. Brake lights should be regularly checked to ensure its proper functioning. Check the brake wires and adjust the brake tightening or replace if necessary. Check for any damage or dirt inside or outside. Replace if necessary.

Side Indicators: Turn on the main switch and turn the signal switch to left and right to check the functioning of the corresponding signal light.

Horn: Turn on the main switch and press the horn button to check for its working.

Head, Tail and Position Lights and the Speedometer Dial:
Turn on the main switch and check the functioning of the head light switch at 3 positions : At the extreme right the head light, tail light and panel indication will be off; in the middle position the panel indication and back light will glow: while at the extreme left position the head light, tail light and panel indication will glow. Apply left and right brakes and check if the brakelight on rear side is glowing.

Press the dipper switch, check the dipping action of the head light and dipper indication in the panel will be glowing.

Press the side indicator switch to the left and right and check the corresponding indication in the panel. Check the functioning of the speedometer by adjusting the throttle. Check the battery charge indication dial.

Motor, Controller and Wire Harness: Never disconnect or modify any connecting cables/connectors in the wire harness yourself or through any service party not authorized by the Company. This could make the whole vehicle operation unstable/damage the connectors.

Front Shocker: : Hold front brake handle strongly shifting the body weight on the handle bars. Press down and release it to observe the free movement of the shock absorber.

Check for any loose part and oil leakage. Replace if required.

Check for any loose nut on mounting of the shock absorber. If found loose, make sure to get the required tightening.

Rear Shocker: While sitting, shift your body weight backward and press that portion up and down. Press down and release it to observe the free movement of the shock absorber. Check for any loose part and oil leakage. Replace if required.

Tyres: Check tyre pressure with a pressure meter. Pressure of front wheel should not be less than 25 psi and 35 psi for the rear wheel. Check for any solid object struck in the ribs of tyre and get rid of these. Check the surface of the tyre for its tread. Tyres should be changed if worn out.

Rear Wheel Alignment: : Put the bike on the center stand so that the rear wheel does not touch the ground. Try to move the rear wheel to check for any unusual movement. Tighten any loose parts.

  • Check tightness of all fastened parts and tighten any lose parts found.
  • Always check the brakes before starting for a ride.
  • Check the tyre pressure before each ride. This assures you better range for a single charge.
  • Check the important fasteners like wheel assembly periodically.
  • Develop a healthy habit to conduct periodic checks on your vehicle as per the chart given alongwith.


Load limits and guidelines:
Lectrix e-bike has been designed to carry standard load of 60 kg.( including rider weight) and the maximum load of 100 kg. (Includes the weight of the rider, child pillion rider, all cargo and all accessories).

Exceeding the weight limit or carrying an unbalance load can seriously affect your e-Bike handling, braking & stability and the functioning of controller, hub motor & throttle.

Maximum weight carrying capacity of luggage hook is 1.5 kg and luggage box is 2 kg.
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