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  Technical Support - How To Charge Your Battery ?
  Warning: Use only the company-provided charger to charge the battery to avoid any damage to the battery and also avoid nullifying the warranty cover.

Follow the steps mentioned below to charge the battery. The charger provided with the electric vehicle is 48 V and 2.5A charger.
  • Ensure that the Start key is in the OFF position during charging.
  • Plug the two pin plug of the charger to the wall socket and switch on the button.
  • Connect the charger plug in the e-bike charging socket located on center cover
  • The indicator LED will glow red when charging is on and the LED will glow green when the battery is fully charged. Normally it takes around 8 to 10 hours to charger the battery fully.
  • When the green LED glows, remove the charger from the wall socket and the vehicle
  Tips For Battery Usage
  • Positive and Negative terminals of the battery should never be short-circuited. This will damage the battery and result in fire.
  • Never subject to intense physical shock e.g. dropping.
  • Keep the battery away from fire and water. Avoid long term exposure to sunlight. Exposure to water would short-circuit the terminals and result in the over-heating of the battery.
  • Never allow the battery to discharge fully. If possible recharge the battery when the ride is over 15 kms. This gives the battery longer drive range and increases battery life.
  • While charging for the first time, fully charge the battery for at least 12 hours. Repeat this process for the first 3 charges at least.
  • If the Electric - bike is not being used for a long period, do not leave the battery in its discharged condition. Recharge the battery and put the MCB in the off position before you leave the vehicle idle for long periods to avoid battery discharge. Do not expose it to the sun.
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