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  Technical Support - How to operate your Electric bike?
  Starting and operating the Electric - bike
  Fold back the stand and allow the bike to rest on its tyres while starting the bike. Sit on the cushion, insert the start key and turn it clockwise to the ON position. Speed up by turning throttle towards yourself and reduce speed by turning it away from yourself.
Caution: Turning of the throttle should be gradual to ensure safe riding and avoid damage to the bike.
  Turning the Electric - bike
  When turning to left or right, just push the side indicator switch to left or right respectively and the corresponding signal light shall begin to glow. After you have turned, just press the side indicator switch to the centre position. The indicator light shall switch off.
Caution: The indicator switch should be promptly turned off immediately after completing the turn / swerving to avoid any misunderstanding by other vehicle riders on the road.
  Applying Brakes
  Although there is a protective system to cut-off the electricity when the brakes are applied, it is suggested that the throttle be released before applying the brakes to avoid a sudden increase in speed on releasing the brakes. Riders must not apply the front brake while driving at higher speeds as this may cause the vehicle to overturn.
  To stop, turn-off the power supply by turning the start key anti-clockwise. Park the bike on the stand. The rider should use the centre stand for granting the bike a better stability and to avoid any loss of balance during an unintentional start.
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