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1. Overview

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S.No. Part Name (As per Lectrix Description) Photograph
1 Charger  DSC00457_0
2 Controller  DSC00458_0
3 Motor  IMG_0s037
4 Front  Wheel Hub IMG_00s36
5 Front Drum Brake  前毂刹
6 Rear Drum Brake  毂刹
7 Front Axle Bolt DSC00459_0
8 slotted washer DSC00460_0
9 anti rotation plate DSC00461_0
10 Frame Body S5002158
11 Handle Bar S5002014
12 Swing Arm 后平叉
13 Swing Arm Axle Bolt S5002018
14 Front Fork IMG_0072
15 Suspension Link LH 前叉摇臂 前叉摇臂
Suspension Link RH
16 Center Stand IMG_0071
17 Side Stand IMG_0004
18 Spring for Side Stand & Screw DSC00462_0
19 Spring for Center Stand & Screw DSC00463_0
20 Rear Luggage Carrier DSC00486_0
21 Horn Bracket  S5002021
22 Seat Lock S5002022
23 Wire Seat Lock DSC00464_0
24 Locking Strip of Battery Box DSC00465_0
25 Front Handle Cover S5002037
26 Front Panel S5002035
27 Front Mold S5002038
28 Side Lower Cover LH LH_0
29 Side Lower Cover RH RH_0
30 Body Side Cover LH Body sid_0
31 Body Side Cover RH DSC00492_0
32 Rear Tail Light Cover S5002045
33 Rear Cover (Below Tail Light) S5002046
34 Swing Arm Cover-RH Swing ar_0
35 Swing Arm Cover-LH Swing ar_0
36 Speedometer Cover S5002032
37 Glove compartment Body S5002028
38 Hook DSC00469_0
39 Lid Cover S5002029
40 Chassis Number Cover DSC00470_0
41 Floor Panel S5002033
42 Center Cover S5002031
43 Small Cover of Center Cover  S5002026
44 Luggage Box S5002034
45 Rear Outer Mudguard S5002030
46 Rear Inner Mudguard  
47 Cover of Luggage Box S5002041
48 Floor Bottem cover S5002027
49 Front Mudguard S5002039
50 Front Suspension Cover LH DSC00494_0
51 Front Suspension Cover RH DSC00495_0
52 Rubber Pad for Center Stand DSC00471_0
53 Seat Assy. S5002050
54 Side Indicator-LH Indicato_0
55 SIde Indicator-RH DSC00496_0
56 Tail Light S5002054
57 Head Light S5002025
58 Side Reflector LH  DSC00499_0
59 Side Reflector RH  DSC00499_0
60 Rear Reflector  IMG_0055
61 Head Light Switch  DSC00474_0
62 Horn Switch DSC00475_0
63 Speed fix Switch DSC00476_0
64 Side Indicator Switch LH/RH DSC00472_0
65 Dipper Switch Light up_0
66 Speedometer S5002049
67 Main Wire-Harness Line DSC00477_0
68 Buzzer 蜂鸣器
69 Horn 12V喇叭
70 Ignition Lock & Glove Comp.Lock SSA40610
71 Battery Wire-Harness DSC00479_0
72 Charger Socket DSC00478_0
73 Brake Lever Set LH 
Brake Lever Set RH 
74 Throttle Assy.
75 Grip
76 Converter 转换器
77 MCB 空气开关
78 Front Drum Brake Wire 前刹线
Rear Drum Brake Wire 后刹线
79 Front Shock-Absorber LH & RH 前减震
80 Rear Shock-Absorber LH & RH 后减震
81 Waterproof Cover of Controller DSC00485_0
82 Waterproof Cover of Charging Socket  
83 Ball Races DSC00501_0
84 Foot Mat DSC00484_0
85 Rear View Mirror LH  DSC00482_0
86 Rear View Mirror RH  DSC00481_0
87 Plastic Blinder DSC00483_0
88 Complete Fasteners                                
89 Head Light Bulb DSC00487_0
90 Tail Light Bulb DSC00488_0
91 Side Indicator Bulb DSC00489_0
92 Battery 电池
93 Front Tyre 外胎
94 Rear Tyre  外胎
95 Front inner tube DSC00480
96 Rear Inner Tube 内胎
97 Front Break Shoe Assembly  
98 Rear Break Shoe Assembly  
  *Accessories shown are not part of standard product.  
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