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Your petrol-free Lectrix is heavy on features and light on your pocket. It’s been developed keeping in mind all your needs for comfort and fun. The following features make it the one-of-its-kinds electric-bike:

Light-weight & Start-easy Electric-bike
Lectrix is a light-weight, easy to balance electric-bike, ensuring a safer and more reliable drive for all age-groups.

Lectrix doesn’t require petrol. Instead, it runs on electricity.

Easy Recharging System
Lectrix is very simple to recharge. Just plug in to charge. It can be easily charged at home. Moreover, it consumes very little electricity.

No Gear, Clutch or Chain
Lectrix doesn’t have any complicated part that makes driving complex. Moreover, it comes with an electric accelerator & battery-level indicator.

No Licence. No Registration. No Road Tax.
Experience a truly hassle-free drive with Lectrix since you won’t be requiring Driving License, Registration or payment of Road Tax. Now this means freedom in the real sense!

No Noise. No Pollution. No Emission.
Drive the new Lectrix and be a contributor to nature’s health, while ensuring a greener future for the coming generation. Being 100% Eco-friendly, it ranks above all other bikes, which cause both air and noise pollution.

Extremely Economical
Multiply your savings with Lectrix. Running Cost only 10 paisa per KM (Approximately). That’s not all. Once charged, you can enjoy 70 Kms. (under standard test conditions) of driving, without recharging. Isn’t it amazing!

High Ground Clearance
Its high ground clearance makes your drive smoother.

Comfortable & Stylish
Lectrix is a rare combination of comfort and style. It’s sturdy with trendy looks and is loaded with features that make driving an effortless experience. It comes in striking shades that give it an attitude of its own.

Safety Locks
Lectrix has been designed with inbuilt safety locks in the handle bar, glove compartment and luggage-box.


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