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  Why are these vehicles better than Petrol vehicles?
  These vehicles provide you clean non-polluting, noiseless and economical means of traveling and the added advantage is the very low running cost.
  Why is the speed of the vehicle limited to 25 km/hour only?
  It is observed in city limits, that the average speed of the vehicle doesn’t exceed 25 km/hour due to traffic congestion. Also as per ARAI norms, rules and regulations, any vehicle which has power less than 250 watt and speed below 25 km/hour does not require any license or registration.
  What is the average life of batteries?
  It is approx. 12 months (300 cycles/12000 kms) under standard test conditions depending upon the usage of the batterie. Life of the battery enhances if it is not fully discharged. Opportunity of charging should be used, whenever available.
  Will there be any problems using this vehicle during rains?
  There will be no problems using these vehicles during rains. But ensure that the vehicles don’t get submerged in water.
  Why there is no odometer in this vehicle?
  Distance covered is indicated by the battery indication meter in the form of the battery charge. Hence odometer is not required.
  Can we wash these vehicles?
  Yes, you can easily wash these vehicles. But ensure that before starting, the vehicle should be in dry condition. Avoid washing through pressure mechanism. Always Clean your electric-bike using a soft wet cloth and blow air especially on ignition lock and other switches.
  If charging of the batteries is similar to mobile charging then why does battery charging in these vehicles take so much time?
  The mobile batteries are very small in size and use different technology (Lithium-ion) while our batteries are much bigger in size and they are deep discharge batteries (lead-acid), so they take longer time to charge.
  What will be the maintenance in these types of vehicles?
  These vehicles require no maintenance as there is no engine, no gear box, and no clutch. Still if minor maintenance is required, dealers will provide efficient after-sales service.
  Is it safe to leave the battery pack in the vehicle itself while parking?
  Yes, it is safe to leave the battery pack in the vehicle itself as the vehicle has locking systems.
  Can customer buy extra battery pack?
  Yes, he can buy an extra battery.
  In case of tyres getting punctured, can these be repaired by conventional ways?
  Yes, tyres used in these vehicles are no different than which are used in other 2 wheelers, so these can be repaired easily by conventional ways. But it is advisable to get it repaired at the authorized dealer’s service centre.
  What is the effect on batteries if the battery pack is left for days without charging?
  Leaving the batteries in discharged condition for a longer period will affect the battery life. It is advisable to charge the batteries regularly. Batteries can be left uncharged to a period of around 30 days. When leaving for outstation, charge the battery in full condition. On return, charge the batteries before use.
  Is there any bad effect on the batteries in case of overcharging?
  No, the batteries will not be affected as our chargers are specially designed to avoid overcharging. When the charging gets completed, the red light turns green.
Charging with some other company provided charger/ defective charger can seriously damage the batteries.
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