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a. Carefully read, understand and follow the instructions provided in the manual before riding the bike

b. Do check the battery charge level indicator before starting your day's ride

c. Always use proper tools

d. Be vigilant of any unusual sounds

e. Always use genuine spare-parts supplied by Lectrix Motors Pvt. Limited.

f. Clean your Electric-bike using a soft wet cloth

g. Perform the periodic maintenance as per guidelines

h. Always maintain specified tyre pressure.
  a.Do not use any charger other than the one provided by Lectrix Motors Pvt. Limited.

b.Do not wash your vehicle with Jet pressure water as it might damage the electrical components

c. Do not overload the vehicle than the recommended weight

d. Do not accelerate suddenly. Accelerate gradually to obtain better mileage & to avoid accidents

e. Do not allow the battery to completely discharge as it may affect the battery life

f. Do not carry out any modification in the vehicle without prior permission from Lectrix Motors Pvt. Limited.

g. Do not accelerate the motor in stationary position

h. Never allow test ride without understanding proper driving instructions
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