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Why Electric ?

Electric vehicles are the future face of the Vehicle industry, globally. Electric Vehicles are electronically powered vehicles that do not consume fuel but run on battery. The Electric Vehicles do not have ICE, but have DC motor, a controller, Battery and Charger, which forms the drive train. Electric vehicles are thus zero emission vehicles, they are noiseless, Easy to start, require no fuel and demands less than half the maintenance cost as compared to conventional vehicles. Electric Vehicles are battery-operated vehicles that presently are of developed to match the performance of conventional vehicles. Electric Vehicles are available in different segments globally, from bicycles to cars, three wheelers to heavy commercial vehicles like buses, etc.

Above all, being a highly efficient technology electric vehicles can be operated at less than one tenth of the cost of running a 'petrol-driven’ two-wheeler (based on existing fuel prices) and lower maintenance cost as compared to a petrol-driven two-wheeler. The battery is charged within 8-10 hours, and the total electricity consumed in the same is 1 unit. A fully charged battery is able to supply power to the motor to run up to 70 km (Under Standard Test Condition) with a speed of 25 km per hour*. Thus the running cost of an e-bike comes to around 10 Paisa per km, which is approximately 1/10th of the running cost of a conventional bike.

In addition to this, the maximum speed of an electric bike is below 25 km per hour*, therefore the driver do not require any license for driving the same. Moreover there is no requirement of Registration and Road tax, as EV’s are exempted from CMVR regulations. This makes an EV a very lucrative product for teens and school going students.

Hybrids /EV s are fast replacing the conventional ICE vehicles globally, especially in developed countries. They are of greater convenience and with lesser cost of ownership.

* Only for low speed model

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